Seal of Saint Cyprian the Mage


This webpage is about speculative and traditional witchcraft. The word traditional doesn’t need much explanation but what does speculative mean in this context? The old Norse witchcraft traditions (Trolldom) come to us as fragments, sometimes larger but mostly smaller, gleaned from oral traditions and hard-to-read dark manuals. The speculative element in my work means that I, as artist and poet and practitioner of witchcraft, fill out the holes in the information with material I find in other witchcraft traditions. Every now and then I invent something new and fresh, just like I imagine our predecessors did when they saw the need.

A Cyprianus is the name traditionally given to the northern grimoires. The name comes from the christian Saint Cyprian (or San Cipriano in the Spanish-speaking traditions) who was said to have been a practitioner of the dark arts before converting to Christianity. This blog and website is dedicated to Witchcraft, “Trolldom” and herbal work. I focus on the magical practice, rather than theory or religious ceremonies such as Wicca an other “new” religions. It is my hope that you shall enjoy the information I give on this blog and you are welcome to contribute 🙂

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